In Memory of Martin Coufal

In Memory of Martin Coufal

With great sadness, I received the news of the unexpected passing of Martin Coufal. 

Despite having a university degree, he started working for our company on a manual job, quickly rising to a technical position. I clearly remember being present at his first business meetings when he took up new responsibilities as a sales manager. His sporting spirit, drive, willingness to learn, and his manners and language skills quickly brought him to managerial and executive roles in our organization. He headed the division, sales team, export department, and was a member of the board and, recently, the Chair of Supervisory Board of LIKO-S. 

Martin Coufal (on the right) with Libor Musil and our Indian business partner Mr. Prakash, negotiating the foundation of our branch in India. 

Together, we pulled through many difficult and crucial business negotiations abroad and because of our passion for success, the resulting business deals, along with the hard work of our employees, got our company where it is now.   

Martin’s commitment, hard work and solicitude earned him a foremost place in the history of our community and the history of the construction industry in our country, despite the fact he was a machinery engineer by profession. He was a great colleague and friend to everyone around him. He will not be forgotten. Our deepest condolences to his family, may he rest in peace.