30th anniversary of LIKO-S

30th anniversary of LIKO-S

We decided to take a more modest approach to the 30th anniversary of LIKO-S and celebrate it only with Likosers. We started with a four-kilometer walk together to the local Slavkov hills (interspersed with a fun quiz on the history of our co-workers) and then enjoyed a beautiful final summer afternoon in nature with delicious food and drink. Our family atmosphere and fun were also enhanced by games and a great DJ.

We are very happy that after a long time we could all meet in Slavkov with our Prague, Slovak, Hungarian and Austrian colleagues. At least we greeted our colleagues from India remotely and remembered them with Indian food.

Of course, we appreciate our customers and business partners who have given us work over the past 30 years and thus supported our growth. Thank you for your trust and we will be happy to repay you with even better personal care. And since we are a family business with a secure future in the second generation, we look forward to celebrating all our future milestones with you!

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