all together

all together

On the last days of February our business managers gathered at a joint “focus camp” in Černá Hora, where they had the opportunity not only to relax a bit, but also to prepare for Friday's block of presentations and workshops.

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, around four o'clock in the afternoon, all Interiors division sales managers started meeting in Černá Hora together with colleagues from foreign branches (including India!). The flood of flowing LIKO-S cars could probably be quite a funny experience for local citizens. After a quick accommodation in the wellness hotel "Sladovna" everyone could choose from health and relaxation procedures. At 18:00, everyone gathered to greet each other at a dinner party, followed by a bowling tournament.

The struggle was quite unbalanced, because the team of Jan Tongeľ, Martina Juřinová, Pavel Pavlík, Daniel Špaček and Roman Petruška from the beginning took a dominant position that no one could disrupt.

After a brief transfer to the cellar, the champagne and diploma from the hands of the director of the INTERIORS division and Vice-chairman of the board, Jan Musil, went to them. Catering, music and a good mood were accompanied by LIKO-S "historical" videos, which, besides the nostalgia of some colleagues, showed how well our company has changed and grown up over the past few years.

On the second day of February 28, 2020, the morning wellness started for those interested, followed by an excellent breakfast, and then it was time for the main event - lectures, workshops and plans. Exactly how we like it the most - all together. We debated together about CRM, about new products and their benefits for our customers, or about what to watch out for during installations. It was clear from the sometimes very witty coordinated business “scenes” that the most important thing in such cases was the focus on details.

After a short lunch, each sales manager presented their last year's work and the team's new plans. The "Best Presentation Award" was presented to our colleague from LIKO-S India Dinesh. As Jan Musil said in his closing speech, it was great and in the induced atmosphere almost moving to see what all the teams managed and what they are planning for this year. Marketing and development presentations then introduced several innovations that merchants can look forward to and which we can only achieve all together.