How to kick-start your work?

How to kick-start your work?

How to kick-start your work? And not only your own but also that of your co-workers?

That was one of the main themes of the out-of-the office meeting of the company directors that took place on January 22 – 23, 2019. This unusual meeting occurred in a winery inn Andre in Velke Pavlovice and also featured an unusual programme. Thanks to an excellent preparation and the beautiful setting of the inn, the meeting, which so deftly combined work and entetainment, was an enjoyable experience for all and came as a pleasant suprise for many.

On the first day, the regular board of directors meeting was followed by an hour-long workshop focused on division plans. Then came the overview of the last quarterly performance and presentation of visions for 2019. This was also an outstanding opportunity for people in the various divisions to meet their counterparts. The presentations continued until delicious dinner was served, which was a welcomed reward for the day’s work. While the dinner was in progress, the director of the Interiors Division Jan Musil recounted his business trip with government delegation to Asia. After dinner, the wine maker Vratislav Nekvasil gave us a tour of his cellars accompanied by a captivating and witty narrative, which culminated in wine tasting, a treat for all present.

For the early birds, the second day started with a pilates lecture with Eda Havlik. After hearty breakfast, the work programme continued with the members of the board evaluating the presented plans and expressing their perspectives and opinions on the future direction of the company. This session smoothly transitioned to a well-prepared lecture on 7 deadly sins of meetings by Hanka Musilova, from which every one of us took something. In addition, during both days there was an ongoing informal discussion with Libor Musil, the chairman of the board, on the future company strategy.

During the entire event, all participants exhibited an extremely positive vibe and an enthusiasm to begin the next chapter in their respective divisions. What else could we wish for? Mission accomplished!

You can review the snapshots of this extraordinary event below...