It's coming! Concentration is the foundation of success!

It's coming! Concentration is the foundation of success!

Can’t hear yourself speak in your office? Do you long for silence? We can’t perform miracles, but we can considerably improve your acoustic comfort. That's why we decided to prepare a webinar full of tips on how to increase your concentration, neutralize disturbing perceptions & optimize your work environment with simple steps.

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We start on 28. 4. 2020 at 1:30 PM!
(Central Indian Time)

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* Registration and webinar are completely non-binding & free. You will receive a link for a YouTube LiveStream 30 minutes before the start of the webinar. You can ask your questions in the form of comments directly during the lecture.

Our speakers:

Jan Musil

Director of the Interiors division & Vice-chairman of the Board. Knows all ups & downs of the best European offices.

Jacek Branný

An acoustic specialist who has been researching the behaviour of sound for 10 years in a Czech National TV.Now he's here for you.