No more reverb

No more reverb

The reverberation time increases with the amount of hard surfaces such as glass or concrete, causing poor intelligibility. The sound is carried like in a cave or in a gym. Constant reflections create noise, which has a greater negative effect on our health.

And how to prevent the spread of noise and create acoustic comfort in any room? All you need is a couple of our acoustic panels made from recycled PETs. Most importantly - they work everywhere.

We will help you achieve acoustic comfort

In the third episode of the LIKO-S Experience series, we will visit Eva Kvapilová from the Partnership Foundation, where they used our printed SilentPET acoustic panels in their meeting rooms. The video also shows how the reverberation time in the room decreased significantly with the installation of acoustic panels. Listen to the difference.

This is SilentPET®

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The LIKO-S Experience series focuses on the opinions of the people that are most important to us - our customers. Through first-hand experience, you will find out how do they benefit from using our products.

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