Offices as a machine controlled by pilots

Offices as a machine controlled by pilots

Authors of the design of the offices of the Prague company Livesport from Studio Reaktor, Ing. arch. Jakub Heidler and Ing. arch. Jan Kačer, built in their own words a futuristic mechanism, a space that accelerates thoughts, facilitates work and connects people like gears. The result was a perfectly tuned machine controlled by pilots, members of the Livesport crew. 

The whole space is shaped by the centripetal force of the building in which the offices are located. The atrium is the focus of the building, it draws energy in, it is a magnet, a landmark and a meeting place for corporate events. 

Closest to the central atrium is a circuit full of greenery with a leisure, informal environment designed for meeting and relax. Some flowers have been assigned a decorative function, while others purify the air. Edible rhubarb plants, mint and lemon balm are available in the kitchens with café seating. 

Along the outer facade with plenty of daylight we find a flexible working zone. Each pilot has his precisely equipped cockpit for perfectly controlled operations. During the flight, we pass closed offices, where our MICRA II glass partitions are used, which provide both peace of mind for work and the possibility of visual contact between co-workers. Perforated sheet metal walls allow views of the meeting rooms. 

The orbit is intended for the movement of pilots on monocycles or scooters. Agility, accuracy and movement are themes that permeate the building's ether. The entire architectural design reflects a corporate culture based on speed and interaction between people. The concept of "well being" was then reflected in the acoustics and ergonomics of the space with the ability to adapt to the needs of employees. 

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