Offices with our systems as the 9th most popular space in the world

Offices with our systems as the 9th most popular space in the world

The offices (designed & built) by our Romanian partner Corporate Office Solutions (COS) express the connection between people and modern technology. The aim was to create an environment that takes the form of a constantly evolving living organism and allows flexible ways of working and interacting both at the staff level and between staff and clients.

This remarkable project was ranked 9th in the Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2021.

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The room spaces, which are made up of our MICRA I and MICRA II partitions, remain transparent and are complemented with tasteful furniture, planters with plants, wooden elements, felt vertical partitions, and curtains. The resulting work environment becomes experiential and offers a sense of belonging, energy, focus, and calm for work.

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