SMART-i-WALL®: Your next video conference will not be via laptop.

SMART-i-WALL®: Your next video conference will not be via laptop.

Build it, hang it, integrate it.

The new SMART-i-WALL® has three variants - you can hang it on the wall, place it anywhere on a mobile stand or have it integrated into a partition. The mobile version has a well-thought-out aluminum steel construction that makes you feel like the stand is levitating. You can move it virtually anywhere. 


The 4K display is equipped with anti-reflective glass and a touch membrane, and is embedded in a thin SLIM frame, which forms only a decent stripe around the screen.

Controlling SMART-i-WALL® has also never been easier. You control everything with touch or stylus!

Use gestures! Need to turn up the volume? Swipe up with two fingers on the screen. Or unlock the screen by swiping with three fingers to the right!

For more comfortable writing of texts, we offer a wireless keyboard as an accessory.

Connect with others.

Interactive SMART-i-WALL® is also equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. The integrated Logitech 4K camera is truly the market leader. It is equipped with a camera, with automatic recording of people and movement, it can transmit sound and there is also a built-in microphone. In addition, we also supply a remote control for convenient handling.

SMART-i-WALL® runs on Windows 10 and is compatible with all applications supported by this operating system. You can install your own most used programs - just like on your computer.

This giant tablet also boasts a high-quality zoom, HDMI and USB inputs, or an innovative audio function. Turn it on and off with one built-in power button!


Share content.

Idea? Do you need to show it to the boss now? And you’re currently at a home office? Share it on his SMART-i-WALL® in his office and the boss can draw notes for you right away!

Easy with one touch.

Connect remotely. Your next project presentation may not be in the boardroom. Present live and connect with the whole world, for example. Overcome obstacles and communicate with ease.

Share. Speak. Present. Meet. With just one touch.

Change the culture of meeting!



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