So many reasons to celebrate!

So many reasons to celebrate!
The first-ever Board of Directors Awards ceremony recognized the outstanding achievements of 18 LIKO-S employees throughout the whole year. Across branches and operations. And that was just the beginning.

Roman Macko became the first LIKO-S employee to celebrate 30 years with the company. What a record-breaker. Technical Specialist Radim Zdráhala was named Employee of the Month for his care, work commitment, and training of other colleagues.

Both Libor Musil and Jan Musil celebrated significant life anniversaries. And it wouldn’t be our people if they hadn't prepared something special for them.

The newly planted alley aptly named "The Road to the Future" lines the path to the new greenhouses - our production of green facades and living walls, which is unparalleled in our country.

There is so much to be thankful for. And let's start with the fact that we were able to end the past fiscal year in the best possible way. All of us together!
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