5 reasons to upgrade your offices this summer

5 reasons to upgrade your offices this summer

Everybody away for the holiday? Take advantage of your empty offices & enjoy our short lead times. Save money on construction works & let’s do it.

A quick look at your floorplan allows you to make sure that you have proper teams sitting together and that communication is easily facilitated.

With acoustic panels made out of recycled PET bottles you also have a sustainable option of changing your work space’s feel. Literally. Taking into account the number of employees, and the nature of your offices (open space, cubicles, etc.) in 2 weeks you can optimize the acoustic comfort, design, or even branding of your offices and thus opening door to more satisfied and productive employees.

SilentPET® acoustic panels

Old-fashioned offices may have their place but only when done on purpose. Dated office design is not something you want your clients, customers, and employees to see as soon as they enter your door.

Glass partitions are a great way to bring your office space into recent trends while securing an important acoustic and energy-saving measure. All that in just 4 weeks.

Single glazed frameless partitions

Double glazed frameless partitions

Expansion means change. You might have a new team set up in your office or maybe you’re merging two departments from the opposite side of the building over the holiday. And the current space situation doesn’t cut it.

Either way, the key is flexibility. With LIKO-Space® movable walls in just 4 weeks, you can get a tool to easily cope with whatever space situation life throws in the way of your business. In a couple of minutes and whenever you need it.

LIKO-Space® movable walls

Going green means saving money and turning your business into an environmentally friendly endeavor. It helps you with recruitment, provides a healthy workspace for your current employees, and gives your business a unique character.

In just 2 weeks, with our PlantBox® living walls, you will be ready to send a clear message to everybody – I care about you. I care about your well-being. This automatic system from recycled plastic is able to grow herbs, flowers, small fruits (like strawberries), or even vegetables (like carrots). Try and let your people decide about the final „look“. Let them create their perfect space.

Interior green walls

Did you know that doors are a thing that you come into contact with the most in your office? Nothing degrades your workspace more than a loose door handle or a fight you hear happening „behind the closed door“.

That is because doors make or break the acoustic abilities of your offices. No matter what silencing solutions you use. Want a piece of true quiet? You need quality doors. Get our new aluminum doors for your offices in just 4 weeks and upgrade every aspect of your current space.

Interior doors

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