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As part of our established Austrian branch, we are looking for a skilled salesperson to join our LIKO-S family and be a proud member of our international team!


  • You will be responsible for the sales of our main segment - convertible partitions for office space.
  • We know what opportunities and potential the DACH region has and that's why we would love to welcome you to our team and support you in developing relationships with our customers.
  • You won't start from scratch, we will give you some projects to work on, but because of our great references in the market, we know that we have a good brand name, and the contracts and opportunities are very interesting and thanks to you people will have a beautiful and pleasant environment to work in!
  • You will be in daily contact with the international environment and with our customers in the DACH region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland).
  • You will be the boss of your time and discover new opportunities.
  • We are a modern company, constantly growing, developing, expanding, and setting trends in the field of interior partitions, we have our own development team and work hard to ensure that our products and services have value for our customers.
  • It's about 1.5 hours from Vienna to our headquarters so we can meet face-to-face monthly and you will be in contact with our colleagues at our base as well.
  • We would love to expand our team with someone who will go with us to "break the world" and be proud of the great solutions our skilled people can design and produce.


  • You can lead business negotiations in English, and you enjoy building win-win relationships with customers.
  • You like to create and develop long-term relationships based on excellent service.
  • You know how to listen and explain, but also convince with clear and understandable arguments.
  • You understand the project business and can build relationships not only with our partners but also with the needs of their end clients.
  • You don't mind being on the road for a few weeks a month, but you will have a top-of-the-range car to make your travels more enjoyable!


  • Roofing a business for the DACH region.
  • Developing relationships with regular clients and acquiring new clients in these countries based on distribution partnerships.
  • Selling innovative interior systems (and things that customers have never seen before and will see).
  • Close cooperation and support with technical specialists who will be hands-on and do the technical background for you.
  • An important role in the whole division team, a direct influence on marketing or development plans.


  • The opportunity to experience the great feeling when things just go right!
  • To have a perfect background of a production company behind you that has great references in the market, and many satisfied customers who know that we always keep our word, and they get our products in the highest quality.
  • You will have excellent sales tools at your disposal and be directly involved in their development.
  • An interesting job in a family-run company with over 30 years of tradition, where you will be given space for self-realization.
  • You will be part of a friendly team with the drive to achieve great results.
  • Company car with excellent equipment for private use.
  • Equipment such as iPad, laptop and quality phone are of course a standard with us
  • The possibility of education in our company school - professional, personal, language courses according to your preferences.
  • Flexible start/end of working hours.


  • You send us your CV/reference on your LinkedIn profile, our HR will contact you within 2-3 days and we will arrange a 30-minute online call. There, we'll find out if we have the same expectations and if it would make sense to work together.
  • The second and final round will be with our CEO Jan Musil - we'd love to meet you offline in the second round and get to know you in person!
  • An offer from our side if everything will be ok for both parties


Are you in? We look forward to seeing you!

Barbora Němcová, HR specialist, LIKO-S, +420 607 009 270

Do you want to work with us? Send us your CV! Email to

Are you interested in working in LIKO-S? We are happy to meet anyone who is talented and is interested in joining us. Contact our HR department by e-mail

Family foundations

Looking for work? Choose from the open positions, and don’t hesitate to write to us. We build on family foundations, have a vision, and are constantly innovating. You will certainly not get bored. You will be creating the future in your field.

We’re counting on your individuality, and development. We have a corporate language school and offer a range of other courses, as well as the LIKO-School programme – begin working after school and build your career. You grow with us. In LIKO-S, family is the essence of a good life, but also the foundation of a good company. How we behave towards one another in the family is reflected in the life of our company.

Prepared for a progressive generation

The young are our company’s future; the young generation brings a modern perspective to the development of LIKO-S. Today, LIKO-S is a company comparable to any other in Western Europe or the United States – that is part of the reason why we search for inspiration around the world.

We monitor industrial trends, and visit global trade fairs such as the CES in Las Vegas, as well as international HR conferences. We are constantly looking for the best ways to develop the company. LIKO-S is ready for the next generation of the family, and a young generation of colleagues.


Do you want to gain some work experience before starting your dream job?

• Do you think that the best way up is from the bottom?
• Do you think it’s also good to be able to do something with your hands, and to get to know what a labourer’s work is like?
• You don’t mind physical work and want to get to know yourself better?
• You like the LIKO-S corporate philosophy and products, and want to get to know the LIKO-S team?
You want to work in LIKO-S and are happy to wait for a vacancy because there isn’t one for you right now?

Set off on your path to success, and sign up to attend our LIKO-School! You will find out on three levels what LIKO-S is all about – foreign language tuition, manual work, and commercial and technical work await you. Don’t hesitate – after all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

Behaviour and performance

Our people work in a family atmosphere. We take an interest in their hobbies, family and where they go on holidays. At the same time, we are open to suggestions for improvement. Anyone can come up with an idea about how the work can be done better, and if we implement the improvement, they will be rewarded for it. You will never hear us say that your position is less valuable.

Everyone contributes equally to the company’s success, and everyone shares in the profit. Every one of us must put in the best performance possible, but it must never be at the expense of our behaviour. We must treat others as we would like them to treat us. And, most importantly, winners don’t cheat!


Since 1992, we have been producing, building, installing and manufacturing… but also forming relationships. Among one another, among our employees and among our customers. We strive for our style, philosophy and approach to work and life to be clearly recognisable. We want to be identifiable, both in our behaviour and clothing. Our employee and customer is our partner and deserves to be the centre of our attention. This reflects the spirit of Baťa, and is the spirit of an honest and socially responsible business.

A modern company’s image also includes corporate clothing. Our company can boast stylish, but purposeful clothing, which is not only appreciated by the employees, but also by business partners and companies we cooperate with. Each of our divisions has several lines of fashionable clothing, which have been created for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. All the collections, irrespective of whether they were designed for the production or non-production spheres, are very easily identifiable..

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