Combination of light, black and natural green in the interior

 Combination of light, black and natural green in the interior

Recutech is a Czech manufacturer of high-quality counter-current heat exchangers with headquarters and production in Pardubice. The administrative part of the new company building is divided into the background of production workers (production management, social facilities, canteen) and a representative part including a showroom and meeting rooms.

"Our aim was to create a pleasant working environment with a link to production. There is a combination of a striking black metal ceiling with the clean lines of the glass partitions and a bright interior," said the designer Ing. arch. Agáta Cousy from the APRIS PRO design office.

The elegant minimalist partitions of MICRA I have good acoustic properties while maintaining an open interior and providing sufficient quiet for work and visual contact between co-workers. The smaller meeting rooms are fitted with natural-colored fabric curtains. 

"All this is complemented by greenery in the form of moss paintings, interior plants, a living wall in the reception area, or a large tree located in the staircase area," adds Ing. arch. Agáta Cousy. Interior greenery should be an obvious part of every office, as it creates a healthy working environment and evokes a sense of harmony.

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