Our interior partitions are installed across the globe, with a prominent position in the European market. Five years ago, we opened a subsidiary in India, and during its existence, we executed many successful projects and realizations. We have installed interior partitions, doors, and other products in dozens of office spaces. Now, let's explore how Indian offices differ from continental design. 

Sometimes you hardly detect the difference, other times the oriental spirit permeates the office interiors very noticeably and you can recognize it as soon as you enter. Comparing European and Indian office design reveals fascinating distinctions that can serve as a great source of inspiration. For this comparison, we have selected the most intriguing interiors where we had the opportunity to supply our products.

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Vibrant Colors and Patterns

In India, there is no fear of using bold and vibrant colors, which find their place even in office spaces, often accompanied by neutral tones. For this reason, our design glass LIKO-Glass is very popular in India and offers use of thousands of different patterns, motifs, and a whole range of colors.

A meeting room with colorful elements and a glass partition

The Rise of Industrial Style

In recent years, industrial design has gained momentum in both Europe and India. For the Indian market, we introduced the Micra Industry glass partitions specifically. There is substantial interest in the partitions with black framing and typical dividing lines, even more so than in other regions.

Industrial glass partition in the office.

The smell of Indian spices

India is renowned for its distinctive cuisine and aromatic spices. These elements not only enrich the culinary experience but are also incorporated as decorative elements within interiors. Indian offices often feature typical carved furniture and leather chairs and sofas.

Office interior in India with decorations in the form of Indian spices on the shelf.

Indian interiors strikingly reflect the profound importance that the country places on its culture and religion. A prime example is the omnipresent religious figurines, carried by Indians everywhere they go, be it at home or work, so they cannot be missing even in offices.

At the entrances to individual rooms, one frequently encounters decorative flower frames. Indians place them around doors, especially during religious festivals.

A Touch of Luxury

Modern Indian interiors seamlessly blend contemporary elements with traditional accents. The fusion of glass, stone, and glossy materials imparts an air of luxury to the overall space. In one of our recent projects, we supplied glass interior partitions and doors with rose gold anodization to a co-working center, transforming the interior with a luxurious touch and a whole new dimension.

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