Elegant Architecture Meets Modern Workspace at ORGANICA Ostrava

Elegant Architecture Meets Modern Workspace at ORGANICA Ostrava

The ORGANICA building has risen on an urbanistically relaxed area of a former brownfield in Ostrava, which allowed the design of a distinctive solitaire building with striking and unusual architecture. The floor plan resembles a four-leaf propeller with an open circular atrium, enlivened by mature trees and seating combined with retail spaces, a canteen, a fitness center, and a café.

The heart of the building is a central circular atrium, serving as the main hub connecting different parts. The building's design maximizes natural light, thanks to its glass facades. Elevators, staircases, and necessary facilities are strategically placed in less-lit areas, ensuring efficiency and comfort.

"The building's interior combines raw concrete with visible technical elements, creating an industrial yet refined look. This is softened by wooden slats in key areas. The office spaces are bright and open, achieved through the extensive use of MICRA I and MICRA II glass partitions. These partitions bring in light and offer expansive views across multiple rooms. The bright interior is complemented by elements of wood and a large amount of atypical furniture, which emotionally separates the individual spaces. Elements of greenery are abundantly applied through green walls, hanging planters, flower boxes, and dividing furniture elements stacked with houseplants," described her design Ing. arch. Ladislava Hadačová from the Prague architectural studio Schindler Seko Architects, who is also a co-author of the building project.

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