For a new and better Ukraine

For a new and better Ukraine

An inspirational excursion for the sustainable reconstruction of post-war Ukraine took place in the Slavkov area. A small group of Uzhhorod residents from the NGO Ekosfera visited us to be inspired by our Living Buildings. Four experts in practical conservation, environmental education and climate change saw green facades live for the first time in their lives. The excursion focused on the possibilities of post-war land restoration with regard to sustainability and adaptation to climate change.

Buildings wrapped in greenery can reduce the temperature of their surroundings through evaporation of water and thus reduce the occurrence of heat islands. This helps to combat climate change and cool the planet. In addition, green facades can stabilise a building thermally, so there is no need to heat in winter and run the air conditioning in summer. Thanks to our experience in the Czech Republic, we can help a war-torn country prepare for a more sustainable and greener post-war reconstruction.

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