Functional, aesthetic and healthy work environment

Functional, aesthetic and healthy work environment

The Prague construction company PBW group, which specializes in projects in the form of Design & Build, has developed its own creative design of its new office space according to operational requirements. It connects the functional, aesthetic and environmental needs of the modern working environment into one organism.

The individual rooms were separated by our MICRA II partitions, which meet the highest acoustic and aesthetic requirements. They are equipped with digital blinds, which leave employees the possibility of visual contact with other colleagues. But if necessary they can create complete privacy for meetings or concentrated activities.

The kitchen is imaginatively separated from the spacious office by a sliding wall LIKO-Space, the surface of which, like office furniture, is in a natural wooden design. The interior is complemented by a vibrant and big living wall, which, in addition to an aesthetic impression, ensures a healthy working environment, refreshes the climate and has a positive effect on the psyche.

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