Libor Musil is leaving the company's management

Libor Musil is leaving the company's management

After 30 years, the founder of LIKO-S, Libor Musil, is leaving the company's management. He will be replaced by his son Jan, the current Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Jan Musil has been with LIKO-S for 10 years. He now takes full responsibility for the management of the largest holding company, LIKO-S a.s., and at the same time becomes the director of the executive board. He thus takes over the reins of his father, who founded the company in the 1990s.

Libor Musil and his wife Jana built the company LIKO-S on a green field out of nothing. Under their leadership, the company grew every year and today the entire group achieves a turnover of over CZK 850 million. The board also includes a daughter, Hana Williams Musilová, and her husband, Orraine.

Video announcement of change of management (EN):

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