LIKO-Safe ZONE for a safe and healthy working space

LIKO-Safe ZONE for a safe and healthy working space

Do you need to prepare your offices for the return of your colleagues from home-office? Do you want to protect your first line employees or to remake your workplace to improve hygiene and security?

We have developed a low-cost and simple system of partition walls which provide greater security than the standard acrylic glass shields. You can have our new system in only two weeks in your office or workshop either in glass (see-through version) or solid variant. We developed complex long term solution for offices, schools, shops, pharmacies, medical facilities, and other spaces.

• Glass (see-through version) or solid variant
• Glazed partition for visual contact
• Easy maintenance and disinfection of surfaces
• No construction work necessary
• Quick and clean installation (without dust)
• Minimal disruption of production
• Priced attractively
• Complex custom made solution

Brochure LIKO-Safe ZONE

Brochure LIKO-Safe ZONE ⁄ India

1 | Reception and offices

Business receptions are a place of increased movement of people and belong to the most endangered places within the office environment. Protect your employees on the front line

Divide your open-space office with the Micra I partition that achieve a newly established office with acoustic comfort, privacy, and security. Your employees will appreciate it!

Possible solutions:

Micra I | Glass protection
Improve the protection of your employees in shops by longterm experienced single-glazed partitions Micra I. Glass doesn‘t optically disturb the open space, and thanks to its hygienical characteristics,

Micra Covid | Economical solution
It is an economical solution for each room. The technical execution comes from our simple partitions Micra I, there might be laminated chipboard instead of glass. Full and glazed panels in walls.

2 | Shops

Improve the protection of your employees in shops by longterm experienced single-glazed partitions Micra I. Glass doesn‘t optically disturb the open space, and thanks to its hygienical characteristics, it ensures the protection of your employees. Choose from our wide offer of possible solutions. Without any built structure changes, fast and dustproof installation without limitation of daily work.

3 | Schools and offices

Prepare for return to work and to school. Thanks to protective shields, you can safely eat, study, work or practice, and other activities. You can use shields in schools, factories, shops, receptions, restaurants, or in other dining places.

4 | Pharmacies

Pharmacies and medical facilities belong in the present times Pharmacies and medical facilities belong, in the present times, to one of the most hazardous workplaces where employees are facing the daily risk of infection. Help your pharmacists to resist the attack of a broad spectrum of infection. Enable them to be on the front lines for as long as possible.

Choose from the broad selection of solutions. Thanks to the window, it is possible to dispense standard medications.
We can also incorporate a sliding window or mini door for the dispensing of larger packages. Without the necessity of significant construction, the assembly is quick, dust-free, and won‘t restrict your operation.

5 | Hospitals

Other solutions solve the current situation only temporarily. Therefore we developed complex long term solution for hospitals. Divide the waiting room with interior partitions, create vestibule areas, use mobile booths not only for the resting of your employees, or build a “fast” room.

6 | Mobile micro office

A telephone booth, a leisure booth, or a micro office. It is equipped with air ventilation, light, socket 220V + USB port, and furniture. The booth is on wheels, so you can easily relocate it on the floor.



Ondřej Puchinger
Head of Export Division
+420 721 011 865

More information in Liko-Safe ZONE brochure

Contact – India:

Dinesh Soundararajan
Business Manager – LIKO-S India
+91 733 8604001

More information in Liko-Safe ZONE brochure / India





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