Lung ventilators for India

Lung ventilators for India

Last month we managed to organize a shipment of 70 lung ventilators to India. It was a joint effort of several Czech companies and the value of this assistance exceeds 400 000 €.

Ventilators that could save lives were in stock in the Czech Republic and would probably no longer be used. So our efforts were to send them to India. Which happened successfully. We helped with the organization of the event, a financial contribution to transport and the purchase of accessories.

The ventilators were taken over by representatives of the local government and the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, Mr. Prakash at Bangalore Airport. This is one of the largest humanitarian events in our country in recent times.

"The first part of the delivery – a total of 46 fans – was handed over to the Minister of Health in May. Dr. Sudhakar has taken them over at the peak of the pandemic crisis, and some of them are installed in hospitals at HAL, DRDO, Dr B R Ambekar College, Indian Railways and other state institutions,” said Honorary Consul Mr. Prakash. "Hospitals have warmly received these devices and are they are helping them in the current situation. The remaining 24 fans will be taken over by the Prime Minister of Karnataka on June 20."

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