MICRA I, The thinnest partition with the best acoustic properties

MICRA I, The thinnest partition with the best acoustic properties

Innovation of top quality partition with effect on function and design. Frameless all-glass partitions MICRA I.

MICRA I. A popular partition, clear and minimalistic effect and at the same time luxurious. It´s an evergreen, never going out of fashion. And we have moved its limits again. It is thinner, firmer, cope with uneven surfaces and its minimalistic design keeps the uninterrupted view into the interior.

Design with the best features for functionality and every detail. The aesthetics of your space will remain undisturbed, as well as your meetings inside. One of the smallest profiles on the market, a design that fits your interior. The system is suitable for non-loadbearing walls. Vertical joints are made with transparent 3M tape.



With the new MICRA I a lightweight 8 mm glass can be used or a robust 16 mm glass, which fulfills an anti-fall function. The partition is more durable, more stable.

Acoustics value up to 39/42 dB

With maximum glass thickness value up to 39 dB can be achieved, in ideal conditions up to 42 dB - the value is affected by dimensions and anchoring options.

The new MICRA I is complemented by innovative profiles. The selection of higher profile goes well with LIKO-Glass range - ie glasses laminated with different types of embedded materials, including self-dimming privacy PDLC glass.



Frameless partition

Simple glass installation

Acoustics up to 39 dB

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