Nature has shown us how to fight climate change, all we have to do is listen

Nature has shown us how to fight climate change, all we have to do is listen

Plants can evaporate water to cool their surroundings, and the most popular way to cool down hot streets and bring some greenery to cities is by planting trees. However, this is often complicated by various measures such as conservation, conflicts with technical infrastructure networks or traffic safety considerations. Even so, it is possible to green up such places relatively easily by applying green facades.

By wrapping buildings in greenery, their temperature is stabilised and the temperature in their surroundings and the whole site will gradually decrease. Green buildings in this way help clean the air, absorb noise and create a pleasant microclimate. In addition, unlike trees, vertical gardens can help insulate a building and prevent unwanted overheating, saving energy needed for air conditioning. Living walls are an important architectural feature and reduce the heat island effect, improving the surrounding area and consequently people's lives.

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