Perfection in pink elegance, delicacy, and detail

Perfection in pink elegance, delicacy, and detail

The interior design of Mary Kay in Prague was prepared by Bc. Jakub Majtás, Ing. arch. Martin Židek, and Ing. arch. Lucie Červinková from the Prague architectural studio Capexus.  

"The investor's brief was strongly linked to the identity of the company and its clientele. The aim was to create modern design offices combining elegance, refinement, and perfection in detail. This was achieved through bright, rounded lighting, glazed partitions, and a sensitive choice of colors for the individual surfaces," said designer Jakub Majtás. 

The individual offices are separated by double-glazed MICRA II partitions, which meet the highest acoustic requirements, creating a quiet working environment and allowing contact between co-workers. For maximum privacy, some are fitted with fabric curtains. The meeting room at the reception desk is shaped like an arch.

 Learn more about MICRA II

"I see the combination of several different materials using the powder pink color, which is characteristic of Mary Kay, as a very interesting element," added Jakub Majtás. The aesthetics of the interior are complemented by doors decorated with the unique LIKO-Glass technology with motifs of products offered by Mary Kay. 



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