Quality control in augmented reality

Quality control in augmented reality

At LIKO-S we define quality as a benefit for the customer. It is a commitment of the highest importance and one of the additional innovations we have decided to apply is therefore a special software that can project a 3D model from drawings directly onto the finished product. We use it in the Industry division.

How does it work? 

You can imagine it quite simply. Just point the tablet with special software at the finished piece and the desired form will appear on the screen, which it will create according to the specified parameters. If the augmented reality piece matches the real one, you win! It means that the production went exactly as planned and the product matches the drawing documentation. This gives us complete confidence that we have done our job well and can vouch for it.

At LIKO-S Industry, we use a special software called Twyn to control the quality and correctness of production

One step ahead

We see the latest technology as an absolutely key ingredient for healthy growth. And so we can already precisely compare the digital "intent" with the results of our work in 30 seconds. And not only visually, but the program will also detect inconsistencies automatically and generate a detailed report.

The use of augmented reality in the industry simply offers a plethora of opportunities to improve services for our customers, and we are pleased that our employees are open to these changes and see the benefits to their work.

The software can show us the exact form of the 3D model and compare it with reality


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