Responsible business...

Responsible business...

The jubilee 20th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year competition was ceremonially concluded with the announcement of the winners of each category on 3 March in Prague, Žofín. And our Mr. Libor Musil (Chairman of the Board of Directors) captured a valuable position!

Also, we are proud that 2 out of 5 winning entrepreneurs come from South Moravia. We are simply happy about it. Well, Libor Musil commented on his position as follows - “Of course we appreciate such awards, but at LIKO-S we do not do business for awards. We want to improve the lives of our employees and be useful to our surroundings through our activities… ”

This attitude has also laid the foundations of our #HousesLikeTrees philosophy, and our first living hall in the world, LIKO-Vo, is interwoven with the same ideas. Thanks to its unique green elements and revolutionary technology, it improves the lives of its inhabitants and its surroundings. Which are values that accompany every responsible business.

Other national finalists and candidates for the title EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in the Czech Republic were Vít Kutnar (DEK a.s.), Alessandro Pasquale (Mattoni 1873 a.s.) & Vlastimil Sedláček (SEKO Aerospace, a.s.).

Watch Mr. Musil's video post!


And don't forget! You can watch the gala evening on CT2 on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 22:00.

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