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Around a year ago, we implemented industrial-style offices for the Jothir office in Bengaluru, India, using MICRA Industry glass partitions to divide the space. These were developed specifically for the Indian market, where industrial elements are very popular in offices.


Combined with large windows, the interior partitions, along with the glass doors, bring in a significant amount of natural light, which contributes to employee productivity and satisfaction. In addition, the white surfaces combined with marble floor tiles illuminate the space. All this is complemented by dark wood that enhances the modern industrial style.

This year, our partitions have been updated with PDLC technology. This allows you to easily and instantly create a space for private meetings or brainstorming sessions. The digital blinds are controlled remotely, saving time as you don't have to spend precious minutes manually manipulating traditional chain blinds. Partitions with PDLC can also serve as dividers for individual offices.

Need to modernize your office? We'll be happy to help. You can choose from our wide range of interior systems. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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