The Future of Hybrid Workspaces

The Future of Hybrid Workspaces

Companies have a long-term interest in creating an ergonomic workplace that will be effective and safe. This is the foundation for people’s comfort and satisfaction. The kinds of expectations will now, thanks to this partnership, be elevated to an entirely new level. Office spaces are rapidly transforming, spaces are shrinking and increasing periodically, and simple coworking spaces have their limits. It is pertinent that we adapt to these new expectations.

Thanks to Spaceti’s wireless technology, people who come to work will be able to book their desk, meeting room, or parking place in advance or in real-time, along with information about the current occupancy and environment. They can book all those features directly through their phones.

The solutions from LIKO-S can create a healthy environment, including a complete overhaul of space within minutes thanks to LIKO-Space® movable walls and modular interactive partition systems. Completely touchless walls and panels SMART-i-WALL® with state-of-the-art videoconference technology can change any office into a futuristic center that knows no bounds. We consider the acoustic optimization of such environments essential.


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