The aluminium profiles we use to manufacture and install our interior glazed partitions are now much more environmentally friendly. In fact, we now manufacture our partitions from low-carbon aluminium profiles. What changes in its appearance or quality? Nothing at all. What changes in the overall environmental impact? A lot! It's not just about innovation, it's also about our conviction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the planet for future generations.

The low-carbon primary aluminium that LIKO-S now purchases from Hydro is processed using renewable energy sources, primarily using 100% green hydropower and efficient electrolysis technology at the aluminium smelters.

Thanks to a responsible approach to mining and the latest production technology, Hydro is able to produce aluminium with a carbon footprint of just 4 kg CO2 per 1 kg of aluminium. This is more than a 75% reduction in emissions compared to global standards, which are around 16.7 kg CO2 per 1 kg of aluminium production. Documentation of the carbon footprint of products includes all process steps and traceability to each individual batch.

All this is backed up by DNV according to ISO 14064 and EPD. Profiles are manufactured in plants certified to the ASI Performance Standard (more info).

By working with us and choosing our products, you can minimize your carbon footprint without compromising on quality or increasing costs.

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