We have presented the world's first smart all-glass meeting room

We have presented the world's first smart all-glass meeting room

Smart meeting room LIKO-S OASIS® combines a unique organic design with breakthrough technologies and exceptional acoustics. It provides employees with a calm and quiet working environment as well as cutting-edge technology, which will make them more focused and even more productive.

"We've been trying to do things differently and be the best for 30 years. And in the same way, we also approached the new OASIS® system. Our mission is to create better buildings for people and nature, which is why we have developed a truly unique office space solution. We have created an oasis of silence and beauty that offers the best conditions for creativity and collaboration in any busy workplace. It's like a Tesla among meetings, because it offers a unique user experience - from opening the door to the end of the meeting," said Jan Musil, CEO of LIKO-S.

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OASIS® takes care of the well-being and comfort of employees with the best that the world of smart technology has to offer: keyless entry, a patented double-sided reservation display integrated into the door, automatic lighting and ventilation or an interactive SMART-i-WALL® screen with a digital assistant that notifies you when the reservation has ended or can even order coffee. We obtained a total of 3 different patents for OASIS®. One of them concerns the unique solution of design doors, which have built-in technologies, so there is no need for switches or physical panels.

Last but not least, OASIS® provides real-time environmental and occupancy analysis. We collaborated with the Czech startup Spaceti on the development. "Our system provides simple digital room reservations and mobile access, automatically counts people in a meeting and, thanks to environmental analysis, monitors healthy conditions for productive work," said Max Verteletskyi, CEO of Spaceti.

In addition to functionality, OASIS® also offers a timeless and modular design by Studio Reaktor for LIKO-S. Architect Jakub Heidler describes it as "a transparent elegant bubble that transports you from the office to another world, creates comfort and space for undisturbed discussion, thinking, brainstorming. Clean details, rounded corners and a gradient enhance the minimalist design. The bubble can be inflated according to individual needs, it is adaptable, it stands out with its elegance."

The unique design is underlined by hand-blown crystal lamps from Bomma, dimmable smart glass around the entire perimeter, and the special, rounded, frameless finish of the glass partitions.

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