We're in the Archello Awards 2023 Finals!

We're in the Archello Awards 2023 Finals!

We have a double reason to celebrate! An esteemed panel of experts has not only recognized us in one category but in two! Our revolutionary meeting room LIKO-S OASIS, is now vying for the top honors.
The Archello Awards are a pinnacle of distinction for design products and architectural ventures worldwide. An esteemed jury meticulously sifts through numerous entries to compile the Longlist, representing a curated selection from a pool of over a thousand submissions. This year, we've achieved an impressive feat by securing recognition in two categories. Our LIKO-S interior doors have garnered acclaim in the "Doors of the Year" category, while the ingenious LIKO-S OASIS meeting room is shining in the "Office Furniture of the Year" category.

Longlist Archello Awards 2023

LIKO-S OASIS: A Finalist

We introduced the modular LIKO-S OASIS meeting room towards the end of the previous year, and its exceptional design and functionality received resounding acclaim. It proudly bears the honor of the RED DOT AWARD 2023 for product design. Now, it stands as a finalist in the Archello Awards 2023, competing for the title of the best product in its respective category.

Your Vote Matters! Support Us to Victory

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and participate in our success. Your vote can make a significant difference in our quest for victory.

Please support us by voting for LIKO-S OASIS

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