We were awarded the best-managed company in the Czech Republic. For the third time

We were awarded the best-managed company in the Czech Republic. For the third time

Our company LIKO-S has earned another important award. Deloitte, which annually selects the best-managed companies in the global program, awarded us the title of Czech Best Managed Companies for 2023. This year's award is proof that we maintain the highest standards and do not let up, as we have won the title for the third time.

The Czech Best Managed Companies award ceremony was the culmination of the Family Business Week Summit on Friday, where representatives of LIKO-S management accepted the award. "We have won the Best Managed Company award twice before. Last year we decided not to apply because we were going through a challenging period of restructuring.

The fact that we have won the award for the third time this year is a great success, which we appreciate very much. It is a great satisfaction for us after everything we have achieved in the last year. We have completed a holding structure that will help ensure the resilience of the company and its handover to the next generation. We have built a strong management team and fundamentally upgraded our internal processes and systems so that we are now among the world leaders in the way we manage contracts and the business. We see these steps as an important foundation for our further international development," our CEO Jan Musil said about the award.

Deloitte Best Managed Companies award for the best managed company in the Czech Republic

What did we win the title for? 

For more than 30 years, Deloitte has recognized the quality of management of privately held companies, including their management. The global Best Managed Companies program was launched in the Czech Republic a few years ago and since its inception, our company has been a regular winner.

"Companies that successfully pass the Czech Best Managed Companies program demonstrate the quality of management at the level of the best. Long-term goals, market position, a well-thought-out product strategy, an adaptive corporate culture, openness to innovation and change in general, attracting and nurturing talent..." described the focus of the program's leader Miroslav Svoboda.

This year's Best Managed Companies winners for the Czech Republic at the award ceremony

Again this year, the winners were selected by an independent expert jury based on the evaluation of 4 key pillars:

  1. corporate strategy,
  2. management and financial performance,
  3. productivity and innovation,
  4. corporate culture.

This year, a record 29 companies won the title. The title is a great commitment for LIKO-S in the future. We plan to continue working diligently, improving processes and settings so that we can defend the award in the coming years.

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