The Czech Television crew in work mode is not a rare sight at our company's headquarters in the last months. But this time instead of a short input we went through a whole day shooting of a popular show called "POLOPATĚ". And not only in our green building LIKO-Noe, but also at the home of our Chairman of the Board - Libor Musil!

It can not be otherwise. It burns us all hot and you can see the evidence all around you. We have the solution to extreme head and big drought right in front of us, and even in the sweat of the face, it is a pleasure to see that the number of people who are willing to wrap our cities into water and green is constantly increasing. But we need even more people.

The main word about our green roofs, green facades and root-type cleaners will be on our program with our product manager and expert - Rostislav Dvořák. From him, you will learn everything about the green building...

And if you would like to see our green systems with your own eyes - let us know and we will gladly welcome you in Slavkov u Brna!

And how does such a shooting actually look like? View in our gallery!

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