OASIS®: The Path to Success

OASIS®: The Path to Success

At the end of last year, we presented the world's first smart all-glass meeting room, LIKO-S OASIS. It received tremendous success. Among other things, it earned the globally prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2023 for outstanding product design. However, this excellent result would have never been achieved without the initial impulse to create a unique product. Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes of its development from the very beginning.

LIKO-S OASIS modular meeting room with digital blinds.

The big bold idea

At LIKO-S, we approach things differently, striving for constant innovation in all areas where we operate. This mindset also manifested in the idea behind creating a new modular meeting room. 'I envisioned a futuristic meeting room. A room infused with cutting-edge technologies that make it exceptional for anyone who enters. A room that can continuously improve through software updates. Simply put, a room that will bring me the same joy through small innovations as I feel every time I step into my Tesla,' described Jan Musil, Chairman of the Board and CEO, reflecting on the original vision.

Jan Musil is behind the original idea to create a groundbreaking meeting room.

Collaborating with the Best

An extraordinary product called for exceptional design. The architectural Studio Reaktor, led by architect Jakub Heidler, took charge of designing the OASIS® meeting room. Their inspiration came from the concept of a magical bubble that would influence its users and amplify their abilities to present, negotiate, and concentrate.

 Initial drafts of the design of the OASIS meeting room by Reaktor architectural studio.

The project, initially known by its codename 'Magic Box,' as referred to by the architects, went through several phases. As seen in the initial sketches, the original concepts and ideas closely resemble the final design. 'The focus was primarily on refining the details and finding a way to achieve a seamless flow and harmonious spatial experience,' reminisces architect Jakub Heidler about the creative process.

A sketch by Reaktor architecture studio, where the OASIS is depicted in an oval shape.

The result is an timeless modular design with rounded curves, allowing the OASIS to seamlessly blend into its surrounding environment and become a natural part of it.

The Manufacturing Challenge

Turning designs and ideas into reality was certainly not an easy task. One of the biggest challenges emerged during the implementation of advanced technologies, as the OASIS is full of them. 


LIKO-S has a portfolio filled with excellent technological solutions that were essential for the OASIS. Digital blinds, frameless partitions, and the interactive SMART-I-WALL® were among the well-established features. However, with the development of the advanced modular conference room, new challenges arose. "I remember the moment when we decided to incorporate smart glass design doors into the OASIS. It was a product that had previously undergone several unsuccessful attempts at creation. It was a radical decision, but we took the leap," revealed Orraine Williams, Director of Development.

The control panel is fully built into the all-glass door.

The assembly of the all-glass self-supporting structure also proved to be challenging during the manufacturing process. However, just like with everything else, the experienced team, led by Technical Director Ladislav Ravas, ultimately managed to tackle this challenge successfully.

Assembly of the all-glass structure of the OASIS meeting room.

After the creation of the first prototype, a series of tests and thorough evaluations followed. One of the most crucial features of a functional modular meeting room is acoustic comfort, which we were able to achieve thanks to our extensive experience with glass partitions.

Testing the acoustic properties of the created prototype.

The Tesla of meeting rooms

The challenging adventure of developing OASIS had a clear goal from the beginning: to create a product that would completely transform the meeting experience through innovative technical solutions and cutting-edge technologies. The recognition of the Red Dot Design Award 2023 only confirms that this goal was achieved. The LIKO-S team, along with all others involved in the project, succeeded in creating a unique product that sets a new standard in the realm of modular meeting rooms.

The entire team at the Red Dot Design Award 2023 announcement ceremony.


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